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8 Best Purse Colors That Go With a Blue Dress

8 Best Purse Colors That Go With a Blue Dress

Are you going to wear a blue dress and don’t know what purse color to choose? Look no further! Whatever the occasion, you will find in this article the best clutch suggestions for a perfect look.

For a more glamorous party, you can match your blue dress with a silver, gold, black, or even blue purse. If you’ve been invited to a daytime wedding and want to add more color to your look, you can choose an orange, coral, lilac, pink or purple clutch.

Next, I’ll explain when to choose each one according to the occasion and, of course, your personal taste. There will also be plenty of suggestions for bridesmaids or guests, so you can look your best on that special day!

What color purse goes with a blue dress?

It is normal to have doubts when picking the right purse for the dress we chose to wear.

If wearing a blue dress, you probably want to know what clutch color goes with it and if it’s suitable for the occasion. If that’s the case, don’t you worry!

For bridesmaids, the best option is to choose a more neutral and discreet purse color. In that case, I would recommend asking the bride first if she wants a specific one. If it’s up to you, the idea is to choose a clutch that is not too showy, to keep the attention on your dress.

For guests, it’s a different story: you can go bolder by opting for a more eye-catching purse color.

However, whatever the occasion, you will find below the best suggestions for a flawless look!

1. Blue

First, let’s start with the safest way to coordinate your look! if you don’t want to draw attention away from your dress, you can’t go wrong by matching your blue dress with a blue purse.

In this case, I recommend choosing a clutch in a tone that creates some contrast. For example, if you are going to wear a light blue dress, choose a navy blue purse.

On the other hand, for a navy blue dress, a light blue clutch will look great, giving you an elegant and sophisticated look.

With both looks, I would wear silver shoes and silver jewelry.

Woman in a blue dress with a blue purse
Closet da May

2. Silver

There’s no look I love more than a light blue dress with a silver purse!

A silver purse is perfect for a wedding or a glamorous evening party, offering a more discreet but elegant look. Versatile, it will go with any blue dress, whether light blue, navy blue, or royal blue.

By coordinating a light blue dress with silver jewelry and shoes, you will create a delicate and sophisticated look impossible to ignore (see the image below and tell me if I’m not right).

If your dress has silver embroidery, this clutch color is also an excellent option. In fact, matching the color of the purse with the embroidery is another classic and discreet way to coordinate your look, regardless of the dress color.

Woman in a blue dress with a blue purse
Closet da May

3. Gold

Whether you decide to wear a navy blue or a light blue dress, you can’t go wrong with a gold clutch.

Like a silver clutch, this is one of the best options for bridesmaids, giving you a discreet yet luxurious look.

However, whether you’re attending a wedding or an evening party, this purse color will be perfect for any occasion. For a flawless look, pair it with gold jewelry and gold shoes.

Woman in a blue dress with a gold purse
Closet da May

4. Orange or Coral

To add more color, you can match your dress with an orange or coral purse.

Perfect for a daytime wedding, an orange or coral clutch is going to be a lot more eye-catching than more traditional options. However, both will give you a modern look and match well with a light blue, navy blue, or royal blue dress.

If you’ve been invited to a wedding in the warmer months, these purse colors are a perfect choice and will brighten up your look like no other!

Woman in a blue dress with a orange purse
Closet da May

5. Lilac or Lavender

Ever since Pantone named Very Peri as the color of the year for 2022, dresses with shades from that palette, such as lilac and lavender, have been a bridesmaid’s favorite.

As expected, that trend is also popular with accessories, making a lilac or lavender purse an excellent option for a soft and delicate look.

I love seeing these clutch colors with a light blue dress, because they convey a sense of serenity, especially during a daytime wedding.

Woman in a blue dress with a lilac purse
Closet da May

6. Black

If you’re after a classic look, a black clutch is always a safe option to match your blue dress.

As you may already know, this accessory color is very versatile and goes with practically everything. It offers an elegant look, however, for bridesmaids, I would recommend a silver or gold purse instead.

A black clutch will look especially good with a navy blue or royal blue dress, especially if the occasion is an evening party. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t wear it with a light blue dress!

Woman in a blue dress with a black purse
Closet da May

7. Pink

Is there a more romantic and feminine look than a blue dress with a pink purse?

If you’re going to wear a light blue dress, a baby pink clutch will match perfectly and will give you a soft and delicate look. On the other hand, if you want to be a bit more daring, you could choose a trending color such as hot pink or fuchsia!

In fact, these are an excellent option for a summer wedding, and they also look great with a navy blue or royal blue dress.

Woman in a blue dress with a pink purse
Loja Tania Bastos

8. Purple

For those who are looking for something bold, a purple purse is an excellent option to wear with a navy blue dress.

As you may know, it is often the accessories that will determine whether our look is more casual or formal. Therefore, if the occasion is a glamorous evening party, a purple clutch will be perfect for an elegant and seductive look, and will add some mystery!

Woman in a blue dress with a purple purse
Closet da May

What about the jewelry color that matches my dress? Now that you’ve chosen the right purse, maybe you’re unsure of what color earrings or necklaces to wear. For some inspiration, you can check out the article with the best jewelry suggestions.

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Featured image: Closet da May