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What Color Jewelry Goes With a Green Dress: 7 Best Combos

What Color Jewelry Goes With a Green Dress: 7 Best Combos

Not sure what color jewelry to wear with your green dress? Look no further! In this guide, you’ll discover the best earrings and necklaces to match every shade of green, so you can look your best wherever you go.

Gold, silver, or emerald green jewelry will look fabulous with your green dress, creating a timeless and elegant look. But if you’re feeling more daring or want to add a pop of color to your outfit, choose pink, fuchsia, purple, or even colorful jewelry instead.

Now that you’ve got the quick answer, let me dive into the details of when to pick each color. To help you in the best way possible, I’ll also give you some clutch ideas to make your look even more glamorous!

What color jewelry goes with a green dress?

Before choosing the jewelry to wear with your green dress, it’s important to consider the occasion.

Silver or gold jewelry is perfect for formal events because it’s classy and keeps the focus on your dress. But if you’re heading to a casual party, feel free to dare more and opt for earrings or necklaces in a more contrasting color to create a bolder look.

But don’t worry! Whatever the occasion, you’ll find below the perfect jewelry to complement your outfit and shine wherever you go.

1. Gold

There is no more luxurious combo than a green dress paired with gold jewelry!

When in doubt, gold earrings, necklaces, bracelets, or rings are the perfect choice for more formal events, adding unparalleled elegance to your outfit.

If you have blonde hair or a warm skin undertone, this is the right choice to glam up your look and complement any shade of green.

As for the earring style, there’s a wide variety of options! Flower-shaped earrings, for example, are trendy and perfect for a daytime party in the warmer months.

Green dress with gold jewelry
Closet da May

2. Silver

Whether it’s an emerald green or mint green dress, silver fringe or cascade earrings are a timeless option that never goes out of style. This is the perfect choice to add sophistication to your look and is especially flattering if you have dark hair or a cool skin undertone.

When choosing the rest of your jewelry, remember that less is more. If you’re opting for more eye-catching earrings, such as ear cuffs, choose a more understated and minimalist necklace.

To keep the focus on your dress, pair it with an emerald green or similarly colored clutch bag. If you want to add some flair, opt for a sparkly or embellished one to add more glamour to your look.

Tip: For an elegant look, pearl earrings are also a subtle and glamorous choice that will keep the spotlight on your dress.

Green dress with silver jewelry
Closet da May

3. Green

Looking for a sophisticated yet understated look? Try pairing your green dress with jewelry in the same color!

Silver earrings with emerald green teardrops are an excellent choice for formal events, keeping the look polished and elegant.

For a glamorous look, choose a necklace with matching details that complement the earrings without overpowering them.

As for the purse, you can either go for an emerald green clutch to keep things cohesive or choose a more vibrant color like fuchsia for a pop of color.

Green dress with green jewelry
Closet da May

4. Light pink

Think blush pink, pale pink, rose gold. Pink jewelry is just the thing for those romantic vibes!

If you want a look that is feminine and delicate at the same time, go for light pink teardrop earrings! They’re elegant and charming, especially for a spring or summer event like a wedding.

Green dress with light pink jewelry
Closet da May

5. Hot pink or fuchsia

Hot pink or even fuchsia earrings are perfect for those who love a bit of boldness, adding a touch of romance and fun to your look!

This jewelry color goes perfectly with a mint green dress, creating a gorgeous combo for a daytime party in spring or summer. In this case, you can complement it with a matching necklace or clutch.

Green dress with hot pink jewelry
Closet da May

6. Purple

Purple (or lavender) earrings are a fabulous choice for a bolder look, especially if you’re wearing an olive green or lime green dress!

In this case, you can also choose a matching clutch (and necklace) or silver accessories to add even more sophistication to your outfit.

Green dress with green and purple jewelry
Closet da May

7. Colorful

Do you like to dress to impress and make yourself stand out from the crowd? Then you need to try colorful earrings!

If you’re going to a laid-back party, colorful earrings with details in the colors mentioned earlier are just what you need for a bold and stylish look.

Green dress with colorful jewelry
Closet da May

Need help choosing the perfect accessories for your green dress? If so, check out the guide with the best ideas for shoes, purses, and even nail polish for a flawless look!

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