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Green Dresses: What Color Accessories Go Best

Green Dresses: What Color Accessories Go Best

Not sure what accessories to wear with your green dress? All the inspiration you need is right here! This style guide has all the best ideas for jewelry, shoes, purses, and even nail polish to help you create the perfect outfit!

Whether for a wedding, prom, or a fancy night out, you’ll find the best suggestions for every style below. Get ready to be inspired by some stunning looks!

What color accessories go with a green dress?

Picking the right accessories for your green dress can make it pop and shine even more! But there are a few things to keep in mind to make it work, like the shade of green, the style of the dress, and the occasion.

To make things easier, I’ve split this style guide into four sections: jewelry, clutch bags, shoes, and nail polish. In each section, you’ll find subtle and bold ideas for special occasions and looks to inspire you.

Let’s dive in!


First, let’s answer one of the most common questions: should I wear silver or gold jewelry with my green dress? Well, here’s the deal – both choices work like a charm and are elegant options for any formal occasion, whether you’re wearing a dark green or a light green dress.

Just remember to choose according to your skin tone or hair color. If you have a warm undertone or blonde hair, go for gold jewelry. On the other hand, silver earrings and necklaces are perfect if you have dark hair or a cool skin undertone.

But if you’re wondering, you can wear both jewelry colors as long as you don’t go overboard!

Green dress with silver and gold jewelry
Closet da May

Another great idea is to match the earrings to the dress. In this case, you can choose green earrings in a similar shade or lighter/darker. For example, emerald green earrings can look super chic with a mint green or olive green dress!

Green dress with green earrings
Closet da May

You can also choose blue and pink earrings, especially if you want a more playful and daring look. In my opinion, pink earrings with a matching clutch bag is the perfect combo for a romantic vibe!

As for the type of earrings, you can’t go wrong with a versatile and classy choice like drop earrings. You can pick silver or gold to let your green dress shine or more colorful options to show off your playful side!

Green dress with pink earrings
Closet da May

If you like to keep things subtle, we have a timeless classic: hoop earrings! Just remember to choose small or medium hoops to maintain an elegant look. But if you want to go bolder, pick sparkly hoops for an extra glamorous touch!

Another classic choice is fringe earrings! Versatile and elegant, they’re perfect for any formal occasion and will add movement and sophistication to the look.

Green dress with hoop and fringe earrings
Closet da May / Tania Bastos

Ear cuffs are also a sophisticated option for a night out, especially if you have short hair or plan to tie it up!

And let’s not forget about necklaces! Keep them simple and understated to balance your look, especially if your earrings are more eye-catching. If you’re wearing earrings with green or pink gemstones, consider pairing them with a necklace with similar colored details.

Green dress with ear cuffs
Closet da May / Tania Bastos

Always think about the occasion! For example, an evening event calls for some bold and glamorous earrings. But for a daytime party like a wedding, you’ll want something more subtle that keeps your look elegant.

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As for the purse, there are plenty of options to match your green dress!

If you want all eyes to be on your gorgeous dress, a silver or gold clutch bag is an excellent choice for a subtle yet elegant look.

Green dress with gold and silver purse
Closet da May / Tania Bastos

Another classic option is to complement your look with a purse in the same color. For example, an emerald green clutch is a great choice with an olive green or mint green dress.

Now, one of my favorites! If you’re attending a spring or summer party, a hot pink or fuchsia clutch bag is an excellent choice to create a feminine and romantic look. In this case, you can also pair it with drop earrings in the same color.

But there are more options to choose from!

If you’re attending a daytime event, you can pick a lavender, coral, salmon, turquoise, or mustard yellow clutch to complement your green dress perfectly. If you’re heading to a fancy evening party and want to go bolder, pick a black, navy blue, purple, or a colorful clutch instead!

Clutch bag ideas for a green dress
Closet da May

As for a green dress with silver embroidery, you can’t go wrong with a matching silver clutch. For a floral dress, pick a clutch in the most predominant color!

As for the purse style, I suggest choosing a sparkly or embellished clutch bag if your dress is plain. On the other hand, if you’re planning to wear a sequin dress, pick a more subtle clutch instead.

If you want to see all the purse colors that go well with your green dress (with some outfit ideas to inspire you), check out the guide I put together with the best clutch bag suggestions!


First of all, let me tell you that you can’t go wrong by pairing your green dress with nude shoes. If you want a classy yet understated party look, nude heels are the perfect choice to keep all eyes on your dress!

Green dress with nude shoes
Closet da May

Silver or gold shoes are another classic and versatile option for any formal event! Whether it’s a wedding, prom, or a fancy night out, metallic heeled sandals will add even more sophistication to your look without stealing the spotlight from your dress.

Green dress with silver and gold shoes
Closet da May

On the other hand, if you’re going to a casual event, a pair of white heeled sandals can make your outfit more delicate and romantic. It’s a great choice with a mint green dress, especially if you’re attending a spring or summer party!

Last but not least, black heels are perfect for a fancy night out, especially if you’re wearing a dress in a deeper shade like emerald green. And if you want to go bolder, why not steal the show with pink or fuchsia shoes?

Heeled sandals ideas for green dress
Closet da May / Ateliê Nosso Cabide

As for the type of shoes, it depends on the event (venue and location) and, of course, your personal taste. In my opinion, the most important thing is that you feel beautiful and comfortable in the shoes you choose to wear.

However, you can’t go wrong with heeled sandals! They’re versatile, elegant, and perfect for any formal occasion. But if you’re heading to a wedding in the mountains, opt for block heels instead for extra support and comfort. Finally, flats are the perfect choice for a beach wedding!

Bridesmaids can wear nude or metallic heeled sandals to keep all eyes on the dress. But it’s always good to check with the bride before choosing.

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Nail polish

Since nail polish is also an accessory, I couldn’t end this guide without telling you which nail colors go well with your green dress!

So, if you’re going for a subtle and elegant look, nude nails in shades of pink, gray, or beige are the perfect choice for formal occasions.

Green dress with nude nails
Tania Bastos / Ateliê Nosso Cabide

At the same time, a French manicure is a versatile and sophisticated option for a delicate look that lets your party dress shine. That’s why it’s a perfect choice for bridesmaids!

On the other hand, if you’re feeling more daring, you can also go for red, burgundy, hot pink, royal blue, yellow, orange, black, purple, or silver nail polish. These colors will make your nails pop and look perfect with any shade of green!

Green dress with red and black nails
Closet da May / Tania Bastos

Need help figuring out what makeup to wear with your green dress? Then check out the guide I put together for you, filled with the best eyeshadow and lipstick shades to make your natural beauty shine even more!

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Featured image: Tania Bastos