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Makeup for Green Dresses: Best Ideas for a Flawless Look

Makeup for Green Dresses: Best Ideas for a Flawless Look

Not sure what makeup goes with your green dress? If that’s the case, you’re in the right place! In this guide, you’ll find all the inspiration you need to nail that perfect eyeshadow and lipstick combo for your look.

Whether for an emerald green or mint green dress, you’ll discover the best makeup ideas for a wedding, prom, or fancy night out, that range from classy to bold.

To help you in the best way possible, we teamed up with professional makeup artist Sílvia Rafael to tell us which colors work best with each skin tone. And she also shares some pro tips for all you gorgeous bridesmaids out there!

So, let’s dive in and find the perfect makeup for your green dress!

Who is our expert? Sílvia Rafael is a certified professional makeup artist specializing in bridal makeup. Her expertise includes a comprehensive background in blending techniques and color theory.

What makeup goes with a green dress?

The perfect makeup for your green dress will always be the one that makes you feel beautiful and confident!

However, it’s always important to consider the occasion before picking the right eyeshadow and lipstick colors for your look.

Here’s an example: if you’re going to be a bridesmaid, I always recommend a lighter, more natural makeup to keep the focus on your dress. But if you’re attending a fancy evening party, feel free to go bolder, whether with your makeup or accessories!

But don’t worry! No matter the occasion, I’ve got you covered with the best eyeshadow and lipstick shades to complement your green dress!


Not sure what color eyeshadow to wear with a green dress? Well, let me tell you, you can’t go wrong with nude, brown, pink, or even eggplant smoky eyes!

And to tie it all together and give your look an extra touch of sophistication, you can also try adding a hint of green eyeshadow.

Makeup for green dress
Tania Bastos

But if you want to make your eyes pop, go for a stunning black smoky eye – it’s the perfect choice to add some drama to your look! To keep your makeup from feeling too intense, remember to balance it with a nude lipstick.

At the same time, shimmering copper and bronze are also excellent choices for a bolder vibe. And if you’re wearing a dark green dress, a hint of gold eyeshadow can glam up your look for a fancy night out!

Green dress with smoky eyes
Tania Bastos

If you plan to wear a mint green or light green dress, opt for a light and natural makeup, especially if you’re a bridesmaid.

To achieve this, go for brown eyeshadows to create a subtle smoky eye with a touch of green or blue. But if you want to add a sophisticated touch, you can create a chic look by blending silver eyeshadow with hues of green.

If you’re doing your makeup at home, a brown or silver smoky eye is the safest bet for an elegant look. It’s easy to do, won’t overshadow your dress, and you’ll look absolutely gorgeous!

Makeup for mint green dress
Closet da May


Are you going to wear a green dress and don’t know what lipstick color to choose? If so, you should know that it will depend mostly on your skin tone!

Getting straight to the point, the lipstick shades that best complement a green or dark green dress are:

  • Light skin tone: copper, red, burgundy, pale pink, and taupe
  • Medium skin tone: nude, cherry red, and pink
  • Dark skin tone: burgundy, wine, and eggplant
Lipstick colors for dark green dress
Lipstick shades that go well with a dark green dress
Green dress with taupe lipstick
Tania Bastos

But remember, you can’t go wrong with a nude lipstick, whether for a wedding, prom, or any other formal event! If you’re a bridesmaid or want a subtle yet chic look, this is the best pick for a lighter, more natural makeup.

At the same time, red lipstick is also a timeless and safe choice for a more daring look, especially if you’re wearing a dark green dress.

Tip: When doing your makeup, be sure to use waterproof products. And don’t forget to take your lipstick with you so you can easily touch up whenever you need it!

Green dress with red lipstick
Closet da May

On the other hand, the lipstick shades that go best with a mint green or light green dress are:

  • Light skin tone: nude, taupe, pink, and burgundy
  • Medium skin tone: nude, pink, and cherry red
  • Dark skin tone: burgundy and eggplant
Lipstick colors for light green dress
Lipstick shades that go well with a light green dress

In any case, keep in mind that these are just suggestions, and the most important thing is to find the lipstick color that makes you feel the most beautiful and comfortable. As our expert mentions, “makeup is meant to be fun and to make us feel good about ourselves!”

Mint green dress with nude lipstick
Closet da May

Looking for some inspiration to pick the perfect nail color for your green dress? If so, check out my latest article featuring the top nail polish ideas for green dresses, whether for a wedding, prom, or a fancy night out!

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Featured image: Tania Bastos