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Makeup for Lavender and Lilac Dresses: Best Ideas and Looks

Makeup for Lavender and Lilac Dresses: Best Ideas and Looks

Not sure what makeup to wear with your lavender or lilac dress? If that’s the case, don’t worry! In this guide, you’ll find the best eyeshadow and lipstick color suggestions for a flawless look, whether for a wedding, prom, or any other formal event.

To help you in the best way possible, we’ve teamed up with the professional makeup artist Sílvia Rafael! She’ll share all the secrets to nail that perfect look, with pro tips for bridesmaids and wedding guests.

So, let’s dive in and find the perfect makeup for your lavender or lilac dress!

Who is our expert? Sílvia Rafael is a certified professional makeup artist specializing in bridal makeup. Her expertise includes a comprehensive background in blending techniques and color theory.

What makeup goes with a lavender or lilac dress?

Since a lavender or lilac dress creates a delicate and romantic vibe, the best choice will always be a lighter and more natural makeup look.

But don’t worry! Whether for a wedding, prom, or casual party, I’m sure you’ll find the perfect eyeshadow and lipstick shades for your look below!

What makeup goes with a lavender or lilac dress
Closet da May / Tania Bastos / Ateliê Nosso Cabide


When choosing the perfect eyeshadow for your lavender or lilac dress, you can’t go wrong with rose, lilac, violet, wine, or even coral smokey eyes.

If you want to use brown shades in your eye makeup, our expert Sílvia Rafael suggests using them only as a base. The shades mentioned above are the best choice for a put-together and classy look that will complement your dress beautifully!

Also, rose-toned smokey eyes are a fantastic choice for a more natural makeup, creating a lovely romantic look! For this reason, it’s the best option for bridesmaids or anyone who wants to keep the focus on their dress.

Lilac dress with rose eyeshadow
Closet da May

On the other hand, you can go for a monochromatic approach by picking lilac or violet eyeshadows. It’ll give you an understated yet sophisticated look, especially if you match it with silver jewelry, nude nails, and a purple clutch.

Trust me, whether you’re attending a wedding or any other formal event, this combo is the perfect choice to achieve a polished look that keeps the spotlight on your dress!

Lilac dress with lilac eye makeup
Closet da May

If you love black smokey eyes like I do, keep in mind that it might be too bold in this case. But if it’s a fancy night out and you’re wearing a lilac or lavender sequin dress, it can be an excellent choice to glam up your look and make your eyes pop!

If you go for it, opt for a subtle lipstick shade like nude to avoid an overly intense makeup look.

Tip: Weddings are an emotional roller coaster! To make sure your makeup stays put from start to finish, choose waterproof products and take your lipstick with you so you can easily touch up whenever you need it!


Of course, you can choose your favorite lipstick color to wear with a lavender or lilac dress. In my opinion, what matters most is what makes you feel beautiful and confident!

Yet, don’t forget to consider your skin tone and the occasion before choosing the right shade for your lips. For example, a fancy night out will allow bolder lipstick colors, while a daytime wedding calls for more subtle shades.

That said, the lipstick shades that go best with a lilac or lavender dress according to your skin tone are:

  • Light skin tone: nude, taupe, rose, burgundy, and wine
  • Medium skin tone: nude, rose, rose gold, cherry red, and burgundy
  • Dark skin tone: nude, brown, hazelnut, hot pink, magenta, burgundy, and eggplant
Lipstick colors for lavender and lilac dresses
Lipstick shades that go well with a lavender or lilac dress

If you want a more subtle yet classy makeup look, you can’t go wrong by choosing a nude lipstick. No matter your skin tone or the occasion, nude shades are the way to go for a light and natural makeup look.

That’s why it’s a fantastic pick for bridesmaids or anyone who wants to keep the focus on their dress. Plus, it gives the perfect opportunity to experiment with more daring eye makeup looks!

Lilac dress with nude lipstick
Tania Bastos

On the other hand, a rose or hot pink lipstick will match beautifully with a lilac or lavender dress, creating a more romantic look. If you’re getting ready for a daytime wedding, these pink shades are just perfect for your lips!

Finally, you can also dare more by picking a burgundy or cherry red lipstick! These deeper shades are classic picks for a glamorous event, allowing you to achieve a bolder makeup look without going too over the top.

Lilac dress with red lipstick
Ateliê Nosso Cabide

If you ask me, the most important thing is that you feel beautiful in the lipstick you choose to wear with your lilac or lavender dress. Unless you’re a bridesmaid, where a more subtle choice is appropriate to let your dress and the bride shine, feel free to pick the shades you love!

Looking for some inspiration to pick the perfect nail color for your lilac or lavender dress? If so, check out my latest article with the best nail polish suggestions for any occasion, whether for a wedding, prom, or a fancy evening party!

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Featured image: Ateliê Nosso Cabide