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Pink Dresses: What Color Accessories Go Best

Pink Dresses: What Color Accessories Go Best

If you don’t know what color accessories go with the pink dress you’ve chosen, then you’re in the right place. Since there are always so many questions when it comes to choosing the right jewelry, shoes, purse, or even nail polish, I’ve outlined some of the best suggestions for you so you can plan the perfect outfit.

Whether it’s a formal occasion, a more relaxed party, or you’ve been invited to a wedding as a bridesmaid, you’ll find the best suggestions for accessories to wear with a light pink, hot pink, or even fuchsia dress!

What color accessories should I wear with a pink dress?

To make it easier for you, I won’t simply tell you what colors go well with a pink dress. Since I know there are numerous nuances, I’ve decided to divide this guide into different accessories – jewelry, shoes, purses, and nail polish – and give you the best suggestions.

Remember to keep the occasion you’re dressing for in mind so you can choose the most appropriate outfit and accessories for your event. Whether you’re going to a wedding or a formal party at night, you’ll find plenty of ideas here to get inspired!

Jewelry color

First off is one of the most common questions when planning your outfit: should you go for silver or gold jewelry? The truth is that either one of them works perfectly with a hot pink, light pink, or even a fuchsia dress.

Pink dress with silver and gold accessories
Closet da May

In my opinion, going for simple silver or gold earrings is the easiest and safest way to plan your outfit, especially if you’re trying to keep the attention on your dress. Plus, they’re sure to give you an elegant and sophisticated look.

On the other hand, blue and green are other colors of accessories that will perfectly match your pink dress. No matter the shade, you can wear earrings with light blue or mint green stones, such as emeralds or tourmalines.

Pink dress with blue, green and pink accessories
Closet da May

If you’re feeling bold, you can also wear earrings with hot pink stones (or in a shade that’s close to the color of your dress). This option is actually perfect whether you’re matching the jewelry to a light pink or a hot pink dress.

For a more formal look, you can also go for jewelry with black stones. Be subtle, otherwise, it could make your outfit look heavy.

If you’re invited to a daytime wedding, you can choose flower-shaped jewelry. This is an excellent choice for the warmer months of the year, giving you a light spring vibe, perfect for a country or a beach wedding.

Pink dress with gold accessories
Closet da May

Lastly, no matter the shade of pink you’re wearing, you can always choose zirconia jewelry. Zirconia is an artificially produced stone that is very similar to diamonds – but much cheaper.

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Shoe color

With your pink dress picked out, you might still have doubts about which shoes to pair with it. Don’t worry, because no matter the occasion, there are countless options that will coordinate with any shade of pink you’ll be wearing.

If you’ll be part of a wedding as a bridesmaid, for instance, high-heeled sandals of a more discreet color such as nude, beige, silver, or even gold are a great choice. However, it’s always a good idea to ask the bride if she expects you to wear a certain color.

Pink dress with nude shoes
Closet da May

I love seeing nude high-heeled sandals with pink dresses. These shoes will give your outfit a delicate and romantic feel while drawing attention to your dress. Plus, you’ll look taller if you choose a color that’s close to your skin tone.

On the other hand, if you’re a guest, you can be more daring and choose a contrasting color for your shoes, such as black or white.

Pink dress with black shoes
Closet da May

White high-heeled sandals will perfectly match a light pink dress, creating a delicate summer outfit. Now, if you’ve chosen a hot pink or fuchsia dress, black high-heeled sandals or pumps are the way to go, perfect for a more formal party at night or a special Valentine’s day dinner.

Purse color

When it comes to accessories, it’s normal to be uncertain about what purse color matches your dress. After all, this is the accessory that, along with your jewelry, will give your outfit a more casual or more formal look. So it will pay off to choose wisely.

If you’re going for a hot pink or a fuchsia dress, you can choose a clutch of the same color (or in lighter shades, such as light pink). This is the easiest and safest way to coordinate your outfit if you’re looking for something more discreet.

Pink dress with a light pink purse
Closet da May

For a more glamorous and sophisticated look, you can’t go wrong with a silver or gold clutch, both for daytime and evening occasions.

If you’re going to a more formal evening party, a black purse will match your hot pink dress, especially if accompanied by shoes of the same color.

Now, if you’d like to add more color to your outfit, you can also wear a dark green, tiffany blue, light blue, lilac, or purple clutch. They’re all going to coordinate well with your dress and are perfect options for an event such as a daytime wedding.

Pink dress with a blue tiffany purse
Closet da May

On the other hand, if you’re wearing a light pink dress, a clutch of the same color is one of the safest ways to color-coordinate your outfit. For more contrast, you can also go for a hot pink or a fuchsia clutch.

Similar to hot pink dresses, a silver or gold clutch is sure to give you an elegant and sophisticated vibe with a light pink dress, whereas a white clutch is perfect for a lighter and more delicate look. For a formal evening party or event, a black purse is a great option.

If you’d like to add more color to your outfit, I’d recommend you match your dress to a dark green, tiffany blue, or purple clutch.

Pink dress with a dark green purse
Closet da May

Nail color

Some people consider nail polish an accessory, so I will also give you the best suggestions of nail colors to wear with the dress you’ve chosen.

For a more discreet yet elegant look (ideal for bridesmaids), you can go for pinkish, gray, or beige nude nail polish. For a delicate and refined look, you can also try a white nail polish or french nails.

Pink dress with red nails
Closet da May

To be more daring, I love seeing a light pink, a hot pink, or a fuchsia dress with red or wine-red nails! At the same time, lilac or mint green nail polishes can go well with a light pink dress, especially if the occasion is an outdoor wedding.

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