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6 Best Shoe Colors That Go With a Maroon & Burgundy Dress

6 Best Shoe Colors That Go With a Maroon & Burgundy Dress

Maroon and burgundy dresses are so bold and daring that picking the right shoe color to pair with them can be a challenge. But fear not – I’m here to help you!

Whether you wear a burgundy, maroon, wine, or dark red dress, you’ll find below the best shoe suggestions for any occasion.

If you’re seeking a more subtle look, match your maroon or burgundy dress with a pair of nude or silver shoes. If you want to add glamour to your evening party outfit, pick gold, black or burgundy heeled sandals or pumps instead. Finally, white shoes are an elegant option to create a lovely contrast with the boldness of your dress.

Now that you have the short answer, I’ll explain in detail when to choose each one according to the occasion. Whether for a wedding or a more laid-back event, you’ll find below all the inspiration you need to coordinate your outfit perfectly.

And to make things even easier, I’ll also give tips on which jewelry and purse to pair with each combo for a cohesive look. So let’s get started!

What color shoes go well with a maroon or burgundy dress?

Popular among bridesmaids (and those who like to stand out at a party), it is impossible to go unnoticed when wearing a maroon or burgundy dress.

Bold and unique, these dresses will highlight your most daring side, making them perfect for a special occasion that requires more glamour.

Warm and seductive, a burgundy dress will draw all the attention to itself. For this reason, you must be careful when picking the right shoe color since your choice can either reinforce or soften its boldness.

But no need to worry! I’m here to guide you through everything you need to know for a perfect look, from the shoes to the accessories that best match your outfit.

1. Gold

If you want a luxurious goddess look, then this is the right pick for you!

I love seeing a maroon or burgundy dress with a pair of gold strappy sandals or pumps, especially if the occasion is a wedding or a more glamorous evening party.

You can pair this combo with a gold purse to keep your outfit cohesive. It will surely make it even more exquisite and keep the spotlight on your dress!

For an even more captivating look, consider picking a bold red nail polish in a darker shade. Unless you are a bridesmaid, this classic nail color will be perfect, especially if you’re attending an evening party.

Trust me when I tell you: the sensuality of a maroon or burgundy dress combined with the refinement of a pair of gold heeled sandals will give you a luxurious look impossible to ignore!

Woman in a burgundy dress with gold shoes
Closet da May

2. Nude

Have you been invited to be a bridesmaid and don’t know what shoe color to wear? Then nude heeled sandals or pumps are the perfect picks for you!

Burgundy is a daring color, and pairing it with nude shoes helps to tone down the boldness and bring a sense of balance to the overall look.

Plus, they also have the bonus of elongating your legs, making you look taller! For that, you just have to pick a pair of nude shoes in a shade close to your skin tone.

Regarding the jewelry and the purse for this combo, I would opt for silver earrings and a silver or white clutch bag. These accessories will add elegance to your look while still letting your dress shine!

Maroon dress with nude shoes
Closet da May

3. Black

If your dress is in a darker shade, like wine or dark red, black shoes will be an excellent option to coordinate your outfit.

For a formal evening party, you can’t go wrong by choosing the sobriety and elegance of black heeled sandals or black pumps. Plus, chances are you already have a pair of black shoes in your closet, so you’re good to go!

To complete this bold look, accessorize with silver jewelry and a silver, white, or black purse. If black is too basic for you, go for a navy blue clutch bag instead for a pop of color.

However, for a maroon or burgundy dress, choosing a pair of shoes and a purse in the same color is the best option for a chic and cohesive look.

Maroon dress with black shoes
Closet da May

4. White

If you’re planning to wear a maroon or burgundy dress for a wedding or a summer party, you should definitely consider picking a pair of white heeled sands or pumps!

Not only do these shoes match everything, but they also add a touch of delicacy to your outfit that can soften the boldness of your dress.

However, it will be more eye-catching than the previous options I already gave you. If you still have doubts or want something more subtle, remember that you can’t go wrong by picking a pair of nude, silver, or gold shoes instead.

For an elegant summer look, try to coordinate this combo with silver jewelry, nude nails, and a silver, white or light pink clutch bag.

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Woman in a burgundy dress with white shoes
Closet da May

5. Silver

If you want a more subtle yet sophisticated look, silver shoes can be an excellent option to wear with your maroon or burgundy dress.

Silver heeled sandals or pumps will go well with just about any outfit and is perfect for those who want to be a little more daring without taking attention away from the dress.

If you opt for this combo, be careful to keep the look harmonious by coordinating it with silver jewelry and a silver purse.

On the other hand, you can also pick a lavender clutch bag for a daytime event or a black one if invited to a more glamorous evening party.

Burgundy dress with silver shoes
Closet da May

6. Burgundy

Lastly, you can opt for an elegant monochromatic look by picking a pair of shoes in the same color as your maroon or burgundy dress. To do so, simply choose a pair of heeled sandals or pumps in a shade close to the dress.

To complete your outfit, accessorize it with silver or gold jewelry. As for the purse, a silver, gold, white or black clutch bag will match perfectly!

Still wondering which jewelry, purse, or nail color will look best with your maroon or burgundy dress? If so, check out my article for accessory ideas and outfit inspiration to help you find the perfect match!

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