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Rust & Terracotta Dresses: What Color Accessories Go Best

Rust & Terracotta Dresses: What Color Accessories Go Best

If you don’t know which color accessories you should wear with your rust or terracotta dress, this guide is for you! From the most discreet to the most daring options, I’ll help you find the right jewelry, shoe, purse, and nail polish for your outfit.

Whether for a wedding or a cocktail party, you’ll find below the best accessories suggestions for a flawless look!

What accessory color should I wear with a rust or terracotta dress?

Terracotta dresses are very trendy at the moment. In fact, the subtlety of its earthy tones makes it an excellent option for those looking for a discreet look for themselves or their bridesmaids.

Perfect for a country wedding, terracota shades bring the serenity and softness of a balmy summer afternoon. However, you need to choose the right accessories to keep the look delicate or add boldness.

If you don’t know how to do it, fear not. Below you will find all the inspiration you need to choose the perfect earrings, necklaces, shoes, purses, and nail polish for a flawless look!

Jewelry color

First, I will answer one of the most common questions when choosing the right accessories for a rust or terracotta dress: should I wear silver or gold jewelry?

The truth is both will match very well and are suitable for any occasion! The elegance and simplicity of silver or gold earrings are the easiest and safest way to coordinate your look, especially if you want to keep the attention on your dress.

To decide which color to choose, consider your skin tone and hair color. For example, gold jewelry will work best if you have blonde hair. On the other hand, silver jewelry will be perfect if it’s dark.

Woman in terracotta dress with gold jewelry
Closet da May

If you want to add color to your look, you can also wear earrings with emerald green or turquoise stones. The latter, for example, is an excellent choice for a summer wedding, as it matches the vibe of this time of the year.

Floral accessories will also look great on these occasions, bringing a lightness and springy feel. So please take advantage of this trend, whether it is for earrings or necklaces!

Woman in a terracotta dress with green jewelry
Closet da May

Lastly, if you go to a formal party, you can wear zirconia semi-jewelry. This artificially produced stone has a similar shine to a diamond and is an excellent option for a glamorous look.

Shoe color

After you’ve picked out the perfect rust or terracotta dress, the dilemma is what color shoe you should choose.

First, a nude heeled sandal can go perfectly with anything! This is an exquisite option that will keep the attention on your dress if you want to avoid risking or prefer a more discreet look.

Woman in a terracotta dress with nude shoes
Closet da May

In fact, if you’ve been invited to be a bridesmaid, you can’t go wrong when choosing nude shoes.

On the other hand, silver or gold shoes will also match very well with your rust or terracotta dress, giving you a very sophisticated look. However, I recommend asking the bride if she wants a specific shoe color.

Woman in a terracotta dress with gold shoes
Closet da May

Finally, you can wear white heeled sandals for a light and delicate summer look. It will be the perfect shoe option if the ceremony takes place during the day in the countryside or on the beach.

Lastly, black shoes are also an option for an evening party! However, remember that it will create some contrast and take some of the attention off your dress.

Purse color

When choosing the right accessories, the same question always pops up: what purse color should I choose?

In this case, it is crucial to consider the occasion because the event will, in part, determine the choice.

So, if you’ve been invited to be a bridesmaid, it’s best to ask the bride first or choose a less flashy clutch color.

If it’s up to you, a gold clutch is an excellent option for a discreet but elegant and luxurious look. Its warmer tone will blend perfectly with your rust or terracotta dress without taking the spotlight.

Woman in a terracotta dress with a gold purse
Closet da May

Another option is to pick a purse in the same color as the dress. In this case, you must be careful in choosing a lighter or darker tone to create some contrast. In fact, a monochromatic outfit is the easiest and safest option to coordinate your look when you don’t want to take any risks.

Now, if you want to add color, there are many dazzling options!

My favorite combination is a rust or terracotta dress with an emerald green clutch. If you want to be noticed, this purse color will definitely help, especially when paired with jewelry with details in the same color.

On the other hand, you can also choose a mint green, lilac, purple, or even hot pink clutch if you feel more daring.

Woman in terracotta dress with a purple purse
Closet da May

Finally, suppose you are going to a glamorous evening party. In that case, a black or navy blue purse will match perfectly and give you a glamorous look!

Nail color

Since nail polish is also considered an accessory, I could only finish this guide by telling you the best nail color suggestions to wear with your rust or terracotta dress.

So, if you’re looking for the easiest and safest option you can use on any occasion, know that you can’t go wrong with nude nail polish.

Whether you’ve been invited to be a bridesmaid or want a discreet look, this is an elegant option to keep the spotlight on your dress.

On the other hand, rust and terracotta dresses also look great with white nails. In fact, French nails will give an elegant and delicate look, perfect for a daytime wedding.

Woman in terracotta dress with white nails
Closet da May

Lastly, if you are a guest, you can add more color to your outfit by choosing lilac or turquoise nail polish. These nail colors will be perfect for an event on a summer day, giving you a charming look.

Now, if the occasion is a glamorous evening party, you can always dare a little more by choosing red, pink, burgundy, or dark blue nail polish!

Woman in terracotta dress with red nails
Closet da May

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Featured image: Closet da May