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9 Best Purse Colors That Go With Your Red Dress

9 Best Purse Colors That Go With Your Red Dress

Not sure what color purse to wear with your red dress? If so, you’re in the right place! In this guide, you’ll discover the best clutch bag suggestions that perfectly complement a red dress, whether you’re going for a subtle and sophisticated look or want to make a bold and daring statement!

You can create an elegant look by pairing your red dress with a gold, silver, white, or black purse. But if you’re feeling bold and ready to make a statement, choose an emerald green, navy blue, yellow, or hot pink clutch bag instead.

Now that you have the quick answer, let’s dive in and explore when to choose each purse color based on different occasions. Not only that, but I’ll also give you some accessory tips on how to complete each combo, whether it’s jewelry, shoes, or even nail polish!

What color purse goes with a red dress?

A red dress is already quite eye-catching and daring, so it’s normal to have doubts about choosing the right purse color. In this case, remember to consider always the occasion, as it will guide your accessory choices.

However, don’t worry! Whether it’s a glamorous evening party or a more casual event, I’ve got you covered with the best suggestions to help you look your absolute best!

1. Gold

Whether you’re attending a wedding or a fancy evening party, there’s a classic and reliable combination that never fails to impress: pairing a red dress with a gold purse.

A gold clutch bag is both versatile and elegant, allowing your dress to take center stage while adding a touch of luxury to your overall look. For that reason, it’s the perfect choice for bridesmaids or anyone who want to look classy on any occasion!

If you’re wearing a plain red dress, you can opt for a slightly bolder approach by choosing an embellished clutch. To achieve a refined and sophisticated look, complement this outfit with gold jewelry and a nail polish in either a chic nude shade or a rich burgundy hue.

Red dress with gold clutch bag
Closet da May

2. Black

If you’re attending an evening party, here’s another fabulous option for your red dress: a black purse! Just like a gold clutch bag, this classic option adds a touch of elegance and formality to your look, perfect for those special nighttime events.

However, keep in mind that a black purse tends to stand out more. If you prefer a more subtle approach and want to keep the focus on your dress, consider a gold or silver clutch instead.

As for accessories, I’d complement this combo with black heeled sandals or pumps, silver jewelry, and a bright red nail polish. But if you’re going for a warmer and more sophisticated vibe, gold shoes and nude nails are a fantastic alternative!

Red dress with black clutch bag
Closet da May

3. Green

Green accessories are always on trend, so you can never go wrong by pairing your red dress with a green purse!

For an extra bold touch, choose a clutch bag in a vibrant shade of green. But if you ask me, my favorite is emerald green, as it’s perfect to glam up your look for an evening party!

An emerald green clutch bag looks amazing with a darker-colored dress (including maroon or burgundy), especially when paired with earrings or necklaces with matching green details.

Red dress with green clutch bag
Closet da May

4. Silver

There’s nothing like pairing your red dress with a silver purse for a sophisticated look! Whether you’re attending a daytime wedding or a fancy evening party, a silver clutch bag is the perfect choice to add an extra touch of elegance while keeping the spotlight on your dress.

If you want to dare a bit more, choose a clutch bag with glitter or embellishments. As for accessories, I’d complete this combo with silver shoes, silver jewelry, and nude nails.

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Red dress with silver clutch bag
Closet da May

5. White

Do you want a more delicate vibe? Then you can’t go wrong by matching your red dress with a charming white purse! It’s the perfect option for outdoor events or casual occasions in the warmer months, as it tones down just enough the boldness of a red dress!

A white clutch bag will truly shine when paired with a deeper shade of red, creating an elegant and romantic look. And to complement this combo, go for a pair of nude heeled sandals and silver jewelry!

Red dress with white clutch bag
Ateliê Nosso Cabide

6. Yellow

If you’re up for some extra boldness, pick a yellow purse! Perfect for a summer party, it will beautifully complement your red dress, giving you a daring yet elegant look that’s sure to get everyone’s attention.

Yellow is a cheerful and energetic color associated with happiness and optimism. That’s why a yellow clutch is perfect for a party during the warmer months, making your outfit even more stunning!

For a warm and luxurious look, pair it with gold accessories, whether it’s jewelry or shoes! As for nail polish, remember that your dress and clutch are already quite eye-catching. So, I’d suggest nude nails or a classic French manicure to keep it classy!

Red dress with yellow clutch bag
Closet da May

7. Pink

For an even more feminine and romantic vibe, you have to try pairing your red dress with a vibrant hot pink clutch bag. This option is perfect for a daytime summer party, adding a bold and playful touch to your overall look!

If you go for this combo, complement it with gold jewelry or earrings with pink details. As for your nails, I would go for white or nude nail polish to balance the overall look while keeping it sophisticated.

Red dress with pink clutch bag
Closet da May

8. Blue

A navy blue clutch bag is also a gorgeous option to wear with a red dress, especially when you pair it with silver accessories. It’s the perfect choice for a fancy evening party, as it will create a bold and striking contrast that exudes elegance!

Red dress with blue clutch bag
Closet da May

9. Red

If you’re not up for taking risks, don’t worry! You can go for a more monochromatic look by choosing a red purse to match your dress! My only suggestion is to pick a clutch bag in a slightly darker or lighter shade of red to create some contrast.

To keep the look from being too monochromatic, pair this combo with earrings and necklaces with emerald green details! But hey, you can never go wrong with the simplicity of silver accessories, whether it’s jewelry or shoes!

Red dress with red clutch bag
Ateliê Nosso Cabide

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